Rules and Regulations

The following rules and regulations are intended to promote fairness among competitors. All rules, regulations and time schedules must be adhered to. Failure to observe the rules and/or the instructions from Race Officials may result in your team’s disqualification from the race (no refund of registration fee). The beds will be raced in heats. Double or single elimination will be based on the number of entries. We welcome all entries from organizations throughout the area!

The Teams
Bed race teams are responsible for ensuring the safe construction and operation of their beds. Unsafe beds jeopardize not only the safety of the team members, but also those of their competitors and spectators.
A team must have five (5) participants or members. One (1) person must ride the bed (passenger) and the four (4) other team members push the bed (runners), two (2) runners on each side or all four (4) pushing from behind the bed.
A team may have an alternate member that can be a substitute runner or rider.
All of the team members must be 18 years of age or older. .
The use of helmets is strongly encouraged for all participants. Everyone’s safety is a primary goal of the race.
The bed and/or runners cannot cross the center line of the race course (street).
Team members cannot interfere with their opponents in any way.
All participants must follow instructions of the Race Officials.
The entrance fee and registration form must be turned in by the deadline to be eligible for the race.
A waiver form must be signed by each participant on the day of the race including alternate members.

The Bed
Each team is responsible for providing their own bed that meets the Naper Days specifications.
The bed must use a twin mattress (air mattresses are allowed) and the overall size should not exceed 48” wide (excluding push bars) x 84” long.
The point of the bed that extends the furthest in the front will be aligned with the starting line (not necessarily the front wheels) to compensate for differences in bed construction. The same point will be used to judge the finish.
The bed height (top of mattress) must be 48” or lower.
The bed must have four wheels (one at each corner – no less and no more).
Maximum wheel diameter can be no more than 36”.
The bed wheels may be fixed or swivel but no steering mechanism is allowed.
Push bars are allowed but cannot exceed a total width of 96” (8’).
The bed must have no means of mechanical propulsion.
Decorated beds are encouraged but no sharp objects, projections, or anything that may be dangerous will be allowed.
The course is a straight 50 yards down a stretch of Porter Avenue (asphalt paved road) directly south of the Naper Settlement.
Teams must arrive 45 minutes prior to the scheduled start time for bed inspections to make sure the bed conforms to the specifications. Specific location and other information will be included in the information packet.
A bed that does not meet the specifications will have the opportunity to be fixed or altered prior to the race start time or the team will be disqualified (no refund of registration fee).
The company/organization/team name must be displayed on the bed (both sides at a minimum) and securely fastened.

Each team member will receive a free pass to the Naper Days festival (total value of $25 or $5 per pass).
A trophy will be awarded to the winning team along with a beverage band (worth 5 free drinks) to each team member.
A trophy will be awarded for the most creative bed. Judges will include the event sponsor and members of the Naper Days Executive Committee. Additionally a beverage band (worth 5 free drinks) to each team member. The most creative bed will be based on technical innovation, decoration, uniqueness, or other qualities that have impressed the judges more than the other beds.
A “Golden Cape ” trophy will be awarded to the most spirited team/bed.
The winning beds will be displayed during Naper Days on the grounds of Naper Settlement.